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Bird Control Solutions


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Typical Problem Birds

Pigeons, Gulls, Starlings ....



Examples: Eaves, Balconies; Plantrooms; Loading bays



Examples: Roof details, plant areas, louvres, ground level work.


Anti perching spikes​

Examples: ledges; pipes; cornices, copings; overflow pipes. Ecopic Depigeonal


Trip wires​

Examples: ledges, pipes, cornices, copings, "post & wire system"


Sprung rods​

Examples: ledges; pipes; cornices, copings, "cable bird".


Other solutions available​

Please contact us

Ecopic Depigeonal stainless steel anti perching spikes deterrent pigeons gulls coping Soudal  Silrub 2
screen gate  pigeon netting roof access strong aluminium  lockable
Cable bird ecopic pigeon bird deterrent cill sill ledges coping uk
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