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Manual Teleflex Window Controls 

Slimline Chainwinders


Our Experience


We have been maintaining and installing new Teleflex for over 20 years. We install the Clearline System (formerly Teleflex Morse Controls),  this is the best system in our view on the market.

As well as new installations for Building Contractors and Window Installers, much of our work is repairing and rectifying poor quality Teleflex installations.

Some other Teleflex faults occur due to faulty window hinges and misalignment,  we are able to offer a hinge replacement service (see our "Window Repairs Services")

Gas Strut Assisted opening on heavy sashes, fitted in conjunction with manual Teleflex and electric actuators.

We are also able offer support to competitors Teleflex products and where possible can overhaul the older systems.


Commercial Customers

Sectors include:  Window Industry, Factories, Schools,  Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, MOD, Police Authorities

Residential Customers

Mainly for disability situations in kitchens and bathrooms,  carried out for LA's & Housing Associations and OT's. In houses for awkward to reach windows.


Installation service​


We undertake small and large projects. Our fleet of LEZ compliant mobile workshops enable us to install small jobs at short notice with limited information available, eliminating initial survey costs,  the smaller jobs are completed on one visit. Our mobile workshops carry large stocks of materials and fixings,  we can make special brackets on site as required and carry out other window & door repairs if asked.

We can provide our own access if required, ranging from hop ups, to cherrypickers.

High Level Window Solutions​

For awkward to reach windows. There are many solutions on the market:

They fall under 2 headings: Manual  & Electric (see "Electric Window Actuators")


Manual can be subdivided further.

Teleflex principle:  comprising of a reachable rotating operating handle connected to various actuators which open the sash via a conduit with an internal flex.  This is the most popular solution often seen in School Halls.  This enables the windows to be opened a variable amount,  so on a cold windy day you may only want to open say 10mm for some background fresh air.

Lever/rod mechanisms:  many systems available,  used more on curtain walling & has many limitations. Older versions seen on older buildings, the timber windows opened via a brass crank handle were designed for the system, but it was very expensive to buy and install and no longer available.

Folding openers: often called cam stays,  various quality products available, can be used on high windows and operated via a pole. Limitations can only open the full preset amount, not popular on cold windy conditions when the building is getting too hot.

Cord operators:  These are not so common but we can repair and install if required.

Gas Strut Assist: Suitable for Sashes that are too heavy to open via conventional Teleflex, the gas struts are set up to provide an opening force  from the closed position. Eg: Inclined Northern Light Windows; Roof Lights & Domes. Retro fit service provided.

Slimline Chainwinders

Transom / Cill Mounted Chainwinder

Manual non locking slimline chainwinder by Whitco for precise opening rotate handle to open window sash chain extends up to 300mm, can restrict to 150mm and 100mm. Folding handle for blinds. Used stand alone and with our Flyscreen & grille system for integrated design. Suitable for replacing certain obsolete hardware situations. We hold stock.



We carry large stocks of teleflex components in several colours.


What type of system should I have?​


We can advise here, typical questions we ask.

Building type:  Residential/Food Factory/Catering Kitchen/Educational/office etc

What level: Ground floor; 1st; 2nd floor etc

How many windows and window formats, transom heights

What type of windows do you have: Material (pvc/timber/aluminium etc).

Please phone to discuss.


After Sales & Spares ​(our own products & others companies)


We provide spares to all our teleflex systems and many others.

We can either post or send to site one of our mobile workshops.  We provide regular on site maintenance to many customers.


Making an Enquiry​

Please contact us by phone, email, fax or letter, photos and sketches useful.

Clearline Krongsberg manual Teleflex midi operator chain opener chain box repairs maintenance
Manual Teleflex Krongsberg Clearline  chain box Maxi Midi operator handle repairs service maintenance white black grey brown winch handle flex conduit stainless steel chain flexicon high level flexi-con
awkward reach manual teleflex morse clearline kronsberg midi maxi mini operator operators chain operator chainbox screwjack windows high level conduit flex white brown grey black repairs maintence service parts
Whitco chainwinder W370216 W3702 stock fly screen
Kitchen open in sash casement manual Teleflex with Midi operator with chain openers and external fly screen
Whitco Lockwood Slimline chainwinder chain winder W3702 W370216 W341100 stock
Roof Light Vent Window Manual Teleflex Chain box opener Gas Strut assist assisted opening
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