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Gas Strut Assist 


There are many situations where window sashes and access hatches are too heavy to lift open or the user just needs some assistance.

We provide a supply and fit installation service for new build and retro fit situations.

Gas Struts can assist opening and closing or just make the opening requirement neutral.

They can be set up to help hold closed and also assist to open.

The closing/opening speed of sashes can be controlled.

Provide additional stability to opening sashes.

We provide this service to Window Fabricators, Contractors and also End Users.

We can design a solution.


Teleflex Controls: Sashes too heavy for manual Teleflex Controls, gas struts can assist the opening/closing.

Inclined sashes: Eg: Openable Northern Lights

Roof Lights: Sometimes needs some assistance to open

Servery Hatches: Popular overseas, top hinged open out sashes that open 90 degrees so food can be served to the outside.


Gates:  For controlled closing and latching. In conjunction with shear magnet access control

Access Hatches: On to Roof areas are often very heavy to open and can slam shut, gas struts can assist.

Plant Room Equipment: Large top hinged access panels, need assistance to open and hold open.

Making an Enquiry​

Please contact us by phone, email, fax or letter, photos and sketches useful.

Gas Strut Assist Vertical Sash Casement Window Hold Open Closed
Roof Light Vent Window Manual Teleflex Chain box opener Gas Strut assist assisted opening
Timber Servery Window with Gas Strut Hold Open & assisted final closing
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