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Who we supply

We supply a large number of Builders Merchants and Independent stockists as well as Manufacturers, Specialist Contractors, Main Contractors, Builders and Maintenance Depts. We work with Architects and Specifiers.

Window Industry. Pest Controllers.


Residential Customers can phone for product support and sales.


Bird Control Products
  • Anti perching spikes & Accessories

  • Netting (various sizes) & Accessories

  • Trip Wire Products

  • Anti vermin meshes






Roofing and Cladding - Mesh Products

Vent & Cladding Meshes,  supplied in various widths from stock.

  • Black pvc coated fibreglass mesh

  • Stainless steel mesh


Various Standard meshes

  • Black Grey & White pvc coated fibreglass insect mesh in small or bulk quantities

  • Various Solar Control meshes

  • Petmesh

  • Pollen Mesh

  • Ultra fine Clear Advantage Insect mesh for great see through visibility

  • Various Stainless steel insect meshes

  • Black Aluminium insect mesh

  • Various Stainless steel weld meshes.


Cut to customer's width on request




Flyscreen Products

We can supply certain products from our range,  (because some of the Commercial products require very specialist surveying and tooling).

We can supply only

  • Flyscreen doors

  • Hinged and fixed flyscreens

  • Sliding screens.

  • Meshes and spare parts

  • Please discuss above










Alumnium Louvre Products

We can supply a range of alumnium louvres. For Industrial & Commercial applications, suitable for glazing in, to walls and plantrooms.

  • Made to customer sizes.

  • Choice of colours 

  • With or without flyscreen or gas mesh.

  • EasyClean insect mesh system suitable for plantrooms where the mesh needs regular cleaning, offering reduced maintenance times.

  • Please discuss above

Bird Spikes Ecopic Depigeonal stainless steel anti perching spikes pigeons gulls coping Soudal  Silrub 2
Aluminium louvres stainless steel insect fly mesh flymesh  gas easy clean screens
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