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Food and Catering Industry


WP Products has since early 1990's been providing services to the Food Industry and understands how the Industry works. We designed our own flyscreen system specially for the UK Food Market and it's demands. Our products can be found in Commercial Kitchens to Major Food Production Plants. Customers range from small businesses to Large Catering & Hotel Groups, Public Buildings, Police, MOD, Carehomes, Schools etc.


  • Most effective robust reliable solutions

  • Best Integrated Professional Solutions

  • Awkward to reach solutions

  • Short duration maintenance

  • Minimal Disruption

  • WP have our own factory & mobile workshops

  • WP offer other related services


Telephone and on site support

Food Industry


People who contact us

Engineering, QC & Hygiene Managers, Project Engineers, Architects & Surveyors, Contractors

Why WP

WP has many years of food industry experience and extensive construction Industry background, we understand hygiene managers audits, this combined experience benefits our Customers and their Customers. As well as Flyscreens we install Bird Control solutions & Pest Proofing works.

Catering Industry


People who contact us

Chefs, Catering & Hygiene Managers, Managers, Owners, Maintenance Depts, Group Surveyors, Architects, Designers & Contractors.



WP has been producing high quality flyscreens for over 20 years. Using our own system specially designed for the food industry.

Our flyscreen products can be found in a small local pubs, carehomes to large producion kitchens and factories. Our solutions vary from our competitors due to our attention to detail. Our fleet of mobile workshops ensure small installation jobs are carried out cost effectively in one visit. While larger jobs are produced in our factory.

Bird Control

Birds can be a problem,  whether already established or looking to establish themselves. We provide a survey and installation service, our construction knowledge and past experience gives solutions which are mindful of future maintenance and aesthetical impact.

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains to reduce air flow and aid temperature control. Using our own system robust Easytrack System, designed to enable your own maintenance dept to replace strips when worn. Suitable for Walk in Fridges to large Warehouse Entrances.

Note PVC curtains are not suitable as flyscreens.

Pest Proofing


For Food Production Companies, this is a very important item for QC compliance and BRC audits. WP who have extensive Construction knowledge on old to new buildings are able to carry out itemised surveys with costings. We can provide one stop solutions. We often discuss schemes with designers to help eliminate issues before construction starts. 

Making an Enquiry

We know the questions to ask when you contact us.

Typical questions:

1/ What do you require Windows/Doors/other? 

2/ Description of window/door etc

3/ to assist photos, plans, sketches & approx sizes help.


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